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Bin-Puller Thumb


Our mighty “Grizzly” does all the heavy work load of moving waste and recycling containers so you don’t have to.
• No more manual labor, pushing, or pulling
• Eliminate risk of injury
• Integrated safety reverse buzzer and emergency button to automatically stop the unit
• 2 x pre-programmed speeds – for both forward and reverse

Long battery life

The “Grizzly” is a 24 volt battery operated, dual direction walking speed device that will easily move up to 5000 pounds. Powered by 24-volt, 1000 watts transaxle motor system with two 12 volt deep cycle batteries, allowing for longer life.


Extreme power

Imagine the ability to move up to 5000 pounds? Leave the heavy lifting and moving to the “Grizzly”, It is built for the toughest jobs and makes life easier on your entire team. Contact us for a free estimate to order your “Grizzly” today.